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Solight @ The Impact Interview

Talking with Matt Venning about the Solight journey.

My guest is Ofer Becker, Co-Founder and CTO of Solight Energy, an Israeli Startup that I was very kindly introduced to by Climate KIC, Europe’s largest public private initiative focused on climate change innovation. Solight has designed and developed a highly efficient solar collector that delivers healthy, energy saving sunlight indoors; with unparalleled flexibility and performance.

Ofer and I talk about the myriad health benefits of exposure to natural light and he goes on to describe the product and its success across Israel so far. He talks about their origins and early funding, and plans to expand into Europe, where there should be a very receptive market.

Given the massive amount of tech-based entrepreneurs coming out of Israel, I’m delighted to finally welcome one onto the podcast. I hope you find the conversation really interesting, about a solution to another modern world problem that affects our wellbeing and our environment. 

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