SOLIS Horizon 2020

Solight Ltd has been awarded an SME Instrument Phase 2 grant of €1.5 million under grant agreement No. 768405.


In the two years of the “SOLIS” project, Solight’s solar lighting system will be industrialized and demonstrated through pilot installations in Israel and various locations in Europe.

The SME Instrument is a programme under the Horizon 2020 framework run by the EASME, the European Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.

Project SOLIS

Product in a nutshell

SOLIS is an innovative, affordable and cost-effective solution for using healthy natural sunlight as widespread interior daytime lighting. SOLIS collects and transmits full-spectrum solar light indoor with unparalleled performances, providing commercial and residential buildings with a cost-effective Human Centric Lighting (HCL) solution.

SOLIS’ Minimum Viable Product comprises a highly innovative Optimized Static Collector (OSC), a light transporting waveguide, and a hybrid light dispersing end unit. The combination of these three modules produces a robust and maintenance-free system able to deliver up to 40.000 Lumen per square meter of collector area. Compared to the most direct competition, SOLIS doubles the sunlight harvested from the outside of the buildings (on rooftops or southern walls), minimizing the expensive and unhealthy indoor artificial light use.

This provides tangible economic benefits to the buildings managers, while significantly improving the well-being
and performances of the buildings’ occupants. These advantages make SOLIS poised to serve as the first and ultimate choice for a wide range of facilities, starting with schools, hospitals, office blocks, warehouses, and malls.


Value Propositions

SOLIS enables up to 40% saving in the electricity costs of big buildings like office blocks, 18% productivity increase, 26% faster learning in schools, and 41% shorter recovery in hospitals[1].

Objectives and expected outcomes

The main objectives are (1) to fully demonstrate and qualify the SOLIS system, and (2) to prepare product scale-up and market uptake. Thus, during the innovation project, Solight Ltd will finalize the OSC development and test the first batch of apparatus. Pilot-tests in Israel, France and Ireland will then prove the system’s performances at different latitudes, providing Solight with all the data needed to demonstrate the product’s effectiveness and uniqueness.

Starting date

June 1st, 2017


30 months


[1] The Business Case for Green Building, World Green Building Council, 2013.