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In modern society, we live in a lighting paradox ; we have healthy and free, full spectrum solar light outdoors, yet we spend most of our days under unhealthy, flickering, and costly artificial lighting.

This severely disrupts our body’s natural Circadian Rhythms which may cause: depression, fatigue, insomnia, obesity and learning difficulties.


To remedy this, Solight developed an innovative static solar lighting system.  Our system, enables efficient and constant harvesting of solar light from 8 AM till  4 PM thereby channeling natural light
into desired interior spaces. This reduction drastically reduces interior lighting electricity usage during the day.


In future versions, we may admit a small metered dose of the UVB spectrum so that the global concern of Vitamin D deficiency, be addressed.

From a cost reduction perspective, the Solight system excels in achieving a dramatic reduction in daytime lighting and air conditioning costs.

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